A start as great as breakfast.

My first post starts with a very relaxed note, the subject matter itself of a Sunday morning not wasted sleeping in late and waking up groggy-eyed to a day long gone. I have a place i love, where one can have a piece of the peaceful, relaxed and slow Tokyo that this city is not famous for. With the correct company and great conversation, the pleasure is multiplied. THIS privilege can be enjoyed fully ONLY if you are willing to forgo some Sunday morning laziness and be there as early as possible to be able to choose the choicest seats which apart from the amazing pancakes with buttermilk, one can also bask in the morning sunlight, melt into the softest couches and lose one’s self in the rustling of the keyaki trees (the sound not unlike bamboo leaves), all at once. And yes, in Tokyo.



When their famous pancakes were served, our laughter were interrupted: pancakes needed attending to! More laughter ensued, then our heads up to enjoy the spring blue skies, pancakes, then the soft wind on our faces, the aroma of coffee served constantly by waiters who keep us well caffeinated. Cheesiness struck hard, and a poem popped into my head:

“Our ceiling
Gave way to the infinite skies,
And the trees
Their rustling leaves our womb”

The Ivy Place @ Daikanyama


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  1. Buttermilk pancakes in Tokyo? I think they stole my recipe. I felt like I was sitting at the table with you, enjoying the company and my pancakes. be sure they have real maple syrup!

    • Of course they have real maple syrup haha! It is a crazy USD12 pancake… they’d better have the real deal, otherwise i would (as the french say, je pisse par terre et je me rould dedans roule), piss on the floor and roll in it!

      p.s. I don’t know why the French want to soil themselves haha.

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