Seeing (Lannister) red and pink

Some say, the colour red shows impatience.

The desire and sudden urge to share my thoughts aside, another reason of my restlessness is that i am currently under withdrawal, going cold turkey being at the junction of the second and third installment of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Our generation has been obsessed with trilogies: Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, even our beloved masked comic book heroes who were supposedly eternal. The magic number is three for now, all must end at three….

…… and just as i was caught unaware (or ignorant), thinking i am now already two thirds through the cruel suspense and torture of seeing favourite characters die in order that completely defies conventional fiction logic, i found out that there are currently FOUR books in all, and he’s still writing! So now, i am at most only half way through, but feeling as if back to square one, the path to the truth far ahead. The writer George R. R. Martin will have a field day denying us readers the comfort of knowing everything will be okay soon for those characters that we desperately want to stay alive. Guess more scheming is on the horizon, more desolation (please let not too much harm come to Tyrion!). The writer punishes the bad, but more so the good. More and more of my morning commute and walk (!) to the office will be spent reading this book, and not heeding cars and other pedestrians 😉

Dear Amazon… I want my book, NOW!


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