A blue kiss

A respite from the rain brought us into this quaint little cafe in a quiet alley off Kamakura’s main street.

As we sat on the counter facing the barista, we found a couple in their late 40s, with an air of arrogance not very common in the Japanese service industry. Alongside the house blend, they serve single-origin coffees from around the world. The lady owner does not sweeten your coffee with no smile, and was just a few moments shy of rolling her eyes when i asked for the recommendations of a softer tasting coffee with not too much acidity. I was halfheartedly thinking Colombian while she tried her best to hide her jaded facial expression. We settled for the house blend. Despite that, i actually enjoyed her arrogance and her pride of her knowledge. That gave me the license to not have to be overly polite and pleasant. Off the window they went.

Sweetest deal here is that customers can choose their own cups from a few cupboards full of fine, antique porcelain coffee cups, in every style you can imagine. I settled for a kiss, a blue kiss from the warlocks of Qarth, to mourn for their deaths, pretending to sip the shade of the evening . As hard as i tried, the amazingly delicious coffee fought and succeeded in taking me away from the novelty of a caffeinated kiss, my tongue tasting only aroma.

Now painfully waiting for the fifth book of the Song of Ice and Fire in the mail, delayed because of delivery service stupidity.

玄・自家焙煎珈琲 (GEN in house roasted coffee)
Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Yukinoshita, 1−9−24 Ikeda Bldg. 1F


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