Part Five: Hope is our demise

(previously on Part Four)

We humans are such trusting and fragile creatures. Within every one of us, a part that yearns for some sort of peace is present, despite everything. Sometimes, we lie to ourselves, just so to savour a temporary respite from the our inner and external demons. We sing ourselves a lullaby when there is no one to sing for us. We lose ourselves momentarily. We dared ourselves a sliver of hope. We let our guards down.

Sometimes, to our demise. The shadows uncloak but if lucky, we would catch a last glimpse as our lives leave us.

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About roaccchz

I daydream with my eyes wide open.


  1. That’s so sad. When is the funeral? I want to pay my last respects.

  2. Yes Indie…. i would love to, but no one knows where his body is 😦

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