Part Six: Shadows, uncloaked.

(previously on Part Five)

As he fell, he felt no pain. His vision blurred, and slowly became tinted by a shade of rose, as his life force left him from his hollowed forehead. He caught a glimpse of the perpetrator, a hairy man with a harder face. And then a glimpse of himself. He found himself ridiculous looking, he thought funnily and held on for as long as he could as the inevitable darkness came for him. The inevitable darkness came anyway, and the curtains closed.

But he did not see the real reason he died for. A narrow shadow came slithering from the darkness, a small man that casts a mighty shadow. Out of the shadows came…. The Puppet Master.

… to be continued…


About roaccchz

I daydream with my eyes wide open.


  1. Is there no hope left!? Call Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  2. The puppetmaster is merely an illusion. He is controlled by remote control, in the hands of one of his puppets. But which one?

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