special short story series : “The hungry and the wretched”

I am currently writing a collection of short stories featuring some wretched characters. Okay, they are actually my collection of toys…. I have and will continue inventing scenarios, taking pictures and writing the stories that go along with them, plucking inspiration from people watching, the news, politics, basically our strength and our fragility as humans, all played out by my army of little monsters.

Stories meant for this series will continue to ferment inside my brain, and will be written when inspiration strikes. Periodically, these stories will be punctuated by unrelated posts and topics… but do stay tuned, as our favourite hungry and wretched creatures make their way back.

Ongoing episodes:
Part One: Karma bites… hard
Part Two: Victory… or is it really?
Part Three: We see ghosts when we want to
Part Four: We are only as blind as the others want us to be
Part Five: Hope is our demise
Part Six: Shadows, uncloaked
….. to be continued…..



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